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Hi Clayton! Awesome site, looks really great. I ordered a soil cube from you a month or so ago. I LOVE IT!!

Roger - Ontario, Canada

The Soil Cube is WONDERFUL !! I have all kinds of beatiful veggies I just planted outside. Meanwhile I have very happy plants. Oh, I used some seeds from 1999 and they sprouted wonderfully :)


Love your SoilCube maker I just started gardening this year, I had been putting it off cause I didn't think that I would like it but it was glareing at me as a top thing to do on my survival knowledge checklist. Anyway I started it and really like it after all.

Keith - El Paso, Tx.


Made In America

Welcome to Deeply Rooted Organics!

It is our goal to provide you with unique tools and information to help you have the most productive gardening experience! Take a look around and come back often as we will be adding products and new videos all the time.

If everything goes great, this year, the cost of food will DOUBLE, please, start growing some of your own food this year. It is my sincere hope, that you will find some tools here, to help you in this process. There is a revolution in the garden!

Soil Cube Tool

Rediscovering an ancient technology, in troubled times, when substantial harvests of food production are most important. This is the single most radical technique you can employ in your garden to go from ho-hum to High-Ho!

soil cube tool

Introduction - What is the Soil Cube Tool?

The Soil Cube Tool makes small 2" cubes of soil that you sow your seeds into and grow them into seedlings before putting them out in the garden.
Using soil cubes is the most radical thing you can do to obtain immediate and long lasting success in your garden. By using soil cubes, you will be able to control the early plant development, move them to the garden when ready, and have no consequence for having done so. The seedlings will thrive and have you will have a dramatic increase in viable plants in contrast to one who is planting seed directly into the prepared garden beds or rows...

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New! The Worm Inn

the Worm Inn

We have a great new way to produce "Black Gold" for your garden with your kitchen scraps and let the worms do all the work!

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New! Mushroom kits

We have new mushroom kits. Now you can harvest POUNDS of gourmet mushrooms from your garden!

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New Videos posted

Make Kimchi, Save Daikon Seeds, and Blanch Napa Cabbage Part 1

Make Kimchi, Save Daikon Seeds, and Blanch Napa Cabbage Part 2

Hints and tips for using soil cubes part 1

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I will be on the Twisted Radio on the Preppers Podcast Radio Network every week helping you get your garden ready

The Soil Cube Tool will be featured on Twisted Radio with host Erin Dankins, every week.

Archive is available here...

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Get the most out of your Soil Cube Tool

Jason Akers from The Self-Sufficient Gardener Podcast shows you how to build a simple seed starting rack for your trays of soil cubes!

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Interview on The Survival Podcast

The Soil Cube Tool will be featured on The Survival Podcast show with Jack Spirko on Feb. 3rd!

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Interview on The Power Hour

The Soil Cube Tool was featured on The Power Hour radio show Jan 19th! Listen to the archive podcast here...

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New Product! Kenyan Top Bar Beehive

kenyan top bar beehive

We have been getting a lot of interest in our Kenyan Top Bar Beehives and are now making a limited supply of them for 2011. We are taking pre-orders now for delivery in March and April of our Top Bar Beehives. If you have ever wanted to add beekeeping to your garden, now is the time to get started. We have a great deal of information and links for you to learn more about keeping bees in this natural style beehive.

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